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Marine Consulting Services
In addition to marine surveys and boat inspections, SWL Consultants is a firm of consultant naval architects and offers a variety of marine consulting services.
marine surveyWhether you are purchasing your first or your last used boat, be confident that it will serve your purpose. SWL Consultants is happy to advise you on what type of boat is best for your boating needs.  
marine surveyIf you are looking to modify your boat, whether commercial or pleasure, SWL Consultants can re-design the interior layouts to better suit your needs, make structural modifications to change the proportions or revise deck layouts.
marine surveyWith our in-house computer programs we can provide solutions to stability, load capacity or suitable power.  
marine surveyWhether it’s a recreational or commercial vessel, we can assist you to bring your vessel into compliance with the Canada Shipping Act and Transport Canada Regulations.
Providing marine surveys for pleasure boats
Other Marine Consulting Services:
•     A comprehensive range of naval architecture and design
      services for commercial and recreational vessels
•     Project management
•     General drafting
•     Construction supervision/inspection
•     Technical studies
•     Transportation studies
•     Regulatory development
•     Expert testimony
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