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   Marine Survey
What is a Marine Survey?
A marine survey is a detailed boat inspection that will determine the current condition and fitness of a commercial vessel or pleasure boat for its intended use. A detailed marine survey will give you a better idea of exactly what you are getting into when purchasing a boat.

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SWL Consultants provide Condition and Evaluation Marine Surveys that determine:
marine surveyIf the vessel is safe to use in conditions for which it was designed
marine surveyCurrent or future maintenance or repairs required to ensure your vessel or boat is safe and keeps your investment secure.
A marine survey is assurance that the recreation or commercial vessel you are looking at will meet your needs.  
Marine Surveys for Commercial and Pleasure Boats
Why is a Marine Survey important?
Certain types and makes of commercial vessels and pleasure boats have recurring problems or requirements.
A good marine surveyor will be familiar with these problems and be able to advise you on the long term suitability of your intended purchase and its equipment, particularly in relation to how and where you will be using it. Before a marine survey can be started, the vessel owner must prepare his boat.
SWL Consultants Sample Surveys
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